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Students who want to upscale their skills and want to build a career in Digital Marketing.


working professionals who want more growth in their careers in this Digital era or to make an impact on our company.

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Business owners who want to learn and scale their business Digitally to maximize their profitability or produce more results through our employees.


Housewives who want to do something big in their lives with family responsibilities and make a positive impact in their life.

Meet the Mentors

Deepak Jha

My passion for marketing started early. I earned my BBA degree and became a Certified Digital Marketer. I wanted to be the best in my field.

I worked hard to learn everything about digital marketing. I helped various companies with their marketing as an employee. My excellent work earned me positive feedback from the companies I worked for.

One success really showed my skills. An automobile company hired me as an employee to improve their digital marketing. In just 4 weeks, my work made the company 3.5 crore rupees! My employers were amazed by how well I did.

After that, I became very well-known. More companies wanted to hire me. I always made my employers successful with my smart marketing ideas. I kept learning and finding new ways to do marketing. I became known as a digital marketing expert.

Now I want to teach new students my skills. With my training, you can become an expert too! I will share all that I learned over the years working for companies.

I will show you how to do excellent digital marketing just like me. You will get the chance to master marketing and have a successful career.

Join my class today! Learn from the best and become a marketing star. I am excited to help you on your journey. With my guidance, your future in digital marketing will be very bright!

Nitin Yadav

Nitin, a former BSc student, transformed into a remarkable Digital Marketer. His standout quality is his dedication to excellence and innovative thinking.


With a strong grasp of SEO, content marketing, and visual storytelling, combined with his FMCG industry experience, Nitin is a force in digital marketing. His track record of consistently achieving 10X results for brands in less than a year speaks to his exceptional abilities. Nitin isn’t just an expert; he’s a game-changer, reshaping digital marketing one success story at a time. His journey is an inspiration, showing that anyone can excel and innovate in the digital era.

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